Oak and Bluebird Team

Place where professional skills meet emotional intelligence on the way to crafting high-end websites.

Meet our team: Oleh - Chief Executive Officer, Daria - Creative Director, Mariya - Art Director, and Serhiy - Chief Technical Officer. Well, we are a small studio, and there are so many nice-sounding positions for each member available that we couldn't resist 😆

Our team is driven by a shared passion for creating one-of-a-kind, design-driven websites. We strive to strike the perfect balance between usability and creativity in our work, aiming to create websites that are not only easy to use, but also memorable and enjoyable.

How it's started

Each of us had been part of big companies before. Feeling confident about our professional skills and gained experience, we were looking for a better way to celebrate our creativity. We wanted to avoid all the typical downsides of big organizations, such as slow working processes, unnecessary meetings, low engagement, etc., and efficiently build projects that stood out. That's how our paths joined into Oak and Bluebird Studio.

Small team is a choice

Thanks to our small size, we're able to maintain a personal touch with our clients, facilitate transparent conversations, and establish a clear working process. We don't have to rely on management and motivation tricks to keep things moving. Each team member takes personal responsibility for the success of the project and recognizes the crucial value of their work.

About our name

Oak represents strength, morale, resistance, and knowledge - a slow but sure growth at its own pace. Meanwhile, the bluebird's childlike temperament is a breath of fresh air, speaking volumes about creativity and imagination. As you observe the bluebird's playful flitting through nature, its movements and song express a sense of fun and passion. It is evident that the bluebird genuinely enjoys its pursuits, not for potential rewards, but for the sheer pleasure they bring. For these and more reasons, we believe that Oak and Bluebird is the perfect metaphor for our work and what we stand for."

How we will approach your project?

To ensure that we create a website that meets your needs, we take the time to deeply understand your industry and business objectives, as well as your brand and your users. We will go through a series of brainstorms and mood board discussions to ensure we have a clear understanding of how the design should feel and function.

We’ll develop a fast, secure and responsive website for an optimal experience across all devices. It will be easy to maintain and manage, integrating seamlessly with your blog, mailing list, online store, and social platforms.

Discover the faces
and personalities
who makes up

Discover the faces
and personalities
who makes up

Oleh Rusyi Front-end Development

Team member Oleh

Daria Krav Creative Designer

Team member Daria

Mariya Blozovska Creative Designer

Team member Mariya

Serhiy Hulyi Full Stack Developer

Team member Serhiy

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